DFWLI - Skalevita

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universalus indikatorius

5/17-key functional waterproof keypad, with indication for quick access to main functions and regulations.
LCD 25mm backlit display with 6 high contrast digits and icons for indication of active functions.
Waterproof IP68 STAINLESS STEEL case, with sealed rubber gasket, easy to clean and resistant in harsh and corrosive environments.
Dimensions in mm: 243x145x78,4 mm.
Suitable for use on the table, column, or wall.
A/D 24 bit converter, 4 channels, up to 200 conv./sec. autoselect and up to 8 signal linearisation points.
Up to 10.000e or multirange 3 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/e in CE-M approved version for legal for trade use.
Up to 1.000.000 displayable divisions with built-in resolution up to 3.000.000 points.
Connection with up to 8 load cells with input resistance equal to 350 Ohm or up to 16 cells of 700 Ohm each.
Digital calibration and set-up from keypad or from PC with DINITOOLS.
Power supply 110 - 240 VAC.
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