Ohaus Valor4000 - Skalevita

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OHAUS Valor 4000 svarstyklės

The OHAUS Valor 4000 food scale operates in the most demanding dry or washdown environments commonly encountered in the food industry.  NTEP Legal for Trade certifications, USDA-AMS accepted, and an NSF certified food-safe washdown design makes the OHAUS Valor 4000 a perfect fit for many challenging commercial applications. Your investment is protected thanks to the polycarbonate keypad on the Valor 4000 that prevents damage from knives and other sharp instruments. Enhance your teams productivity with the OHAUS Valor 4000 and its touchless sensors, half second stabilization time, large dual displays, and additional checkweighing and percent weighing modes. Enjoy ultimate portability with a power pack that provides 50 hours of continuous use.

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